terms & conditions

In the event of the cancellation of a project we will charge the full value of works completed up to that point. Deposits and stage payments are not usually refundable, but we will always try to be reasonable and fair in this respect.

The timber in a Green oak frame will shrink once completed. The gentler the drying process, the better it will be for your frame. Please remember that beams will move and develop splits during drying. If in any doubt look at some old frames to gauge how your own will appear once it has settled in. We are able to give further advice on this.

Any quotation supplied by us is valid for three months and subject to revision thereafter.

It is our normal practice to take photographs during and upon completion of any work we are contracted to do. In addition we may use these photographs (unidentified address) in subsequent publicity. If the use of photographs in publicity is not acceptable please inform us in writing.

Terms strictly 14 days from invoice date.

Over 90% of the work involved in the fabrication of a green oak frame building is carried out at our framing yard; the assembly on site often requiring only a few days for the carpentry team to complete. For this reason we suggest the following payment schedules. Terms strictly 14 days.

1. Deposit to reserve a place in our production schedule 10%
2. Stage invoice to cover the cost of the timber once it’s been ordered 40%
3. Stage payment(s) during the workshop fabrication 40%
4. Final payment once the frame has been erected 10%

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