Green Oak

Green Oak means the timber comes from a newly felled tree and is "green" as it is unseasoned, i.e. has not been left to dry before being used. It was used in traditional construction as properties were built using the materials locally available. Green Oak is easier to work than seasoned timber and is considerably cheaper.

Green oak frames have been around since Roman times. Many of the construction methods used today vary little from medieval times. Some of the principal tools we use remain the plumb bob and dividers as seen in the background of this page. These are used to scribe one timber to another to create an accurate joint.

It is a very effective building material and the system of construction means it has great longevity. Priors Hall Tithe Barn in Essex was built in the 15th century and is still a functional building. Using Green Oak in construction means you are creating a building that could easily last for many generations and could contribute to the local architectural heritage for historians of the future.

All joints in the construction of our frames are morticed and tenoned and secured with Oak pegs. All of the shoulder cuts, where two timbers are joined together are made using a handsaw meaning Green Oak Cornwall's frames are truly hand crafted work.

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